What we do. HOW WE DO IT.

Why should you hire us over any other company? What makes our service special and valuable?
  • Social Media Marketing 50% 50%
  • Paid Advertising 85% 85%
  • Brand Recognition 40% 40%
  • Website Design 65% 65%

Our Secret Sauce

We have a “super-secret” recipe that makes the perfect marketing casserole. With the right mixture of marketing techniques, your brand will be known in the mind of your customers.

OUR marketing


We believe in a couple of core principles which influence all of our marketing campaigns:

  1. Marketing is, at its core, teaching.
  2. Successful marketing leads with value first.

These two principles are the key to creating an effective marketing campaign that educates people about your business without insulting their intelligence and creates a magnetic charisma for your business online.

dale Carnegie STYLE

Dale Harbison Carnegie is the father of modern-day marketing. Through his novel written nearly 82 years ago, he laid the groundwork for much of what we use today in modern marketing, networking and business management.

Using the very same strategies updated for the internet, we can create persuasive and powerful marketing messages that we then place in front of your ideal customer at the perfect moment.

Ask yourself this question:

If you put the right marketing message in front of the right person, at the right moment…

How can you not win a customer?


LTV = C * VPM * 12 * R * 5

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. for 10 years other web companies tried to get my business, but through your service and caring support you won it! “

-Robin Slater-

“Three other web developers have tried and failed until Beknown Marketing was finally able to deliver the website with the functionality I needed!”

-Sarah Peyton-

“Thanks for the quality work you’ve done on our site rebuild!”

-Nick- Family Promise of Helena

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness All the above! Really great service!

-Alana Dennis – Nana’s Cafe


Make people familiar with your business. Everytime they see your logo and your name, it puts you a step ahead of your compitition when they need your service.


We want to use every tool available for your marketing if it’ll be effective – so we utilize WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Social Blade, Yoast, Google, SEMRush, MOZ, MailChimp, ClickFunnels and more!


With Google AdWords and AdWords Express, we can put you in front of your ideal customer WHEN they are looking for your service. If they’ve seen your branding, they are far more likely to pick you.


Local businesses need Google MyBusiness optimization. It’s the #1 place people go to look for new businesses online. With the proper reputation management strategy, and some fancy SEO tricks we can help you show up above your competitors!

Website Design

A website without marketing is like a car without fuel. However, marketing without a website is like trying to travel across the country on foot.

The truth is: you need both a website and marketing for your ultimate success online!

Story Telling

Stories are the absolute best way, to get someone to remember a business. Think ‘Jake from State Farm’ or the Geico Gecko – you remember both companies because of the stories that go along with them.

Your business needs stories too!

Our Process

This is OUR sales funnel to convert you, into a paying client. We know that by being transparent with you and showing you how we do things, you will be confident in our ability to replicate the experience for your business.

1. Inquiry

You indicate some interest on one of our pages, either by setting up a strategy session, requesting a proposal or signing up for the LTV training above.


We get in contact with you and have a conversation about your goals and business to figure out if our service can fulfill your needs.

If everything is good to go, we send you a marketing plan and get a contract signed. (This keeps both parties honest and on track to meet our now mutual goals.)


Never try to reinvent the wheel! A great money-and-time-saving parable to remember.

We will research your industry and area to see what marketing tactics have proven success in that industry.

We use this data to craft campaigns, ads, and strategies that will resonate with your ideal customers.

4. Launch

We launch our marketing plan after approval from you and constantly review it to make sure we are on track and are actually achieving the results you paid us for.

We will review different strategies and make changes as necessary depending on the results of campaigns to continually add efficiency and effectiveness to your specific marketing package!


As your marketing team we promise to…

  1. Maintain loyalty and not work with your competition.
  2. Create an actionable marketing plan, which we will then execute for you.
  3. Be a trustworthy source of advice and counsel for your business’s online needs.

When you hire us as your marketing team, you are getting a…

  • Graphic Designer
  • Facebook Marketer
  • Website Designer
  • SEO Expert
  • Google Advertiser
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Online Reputation Manager


You can keep searching the internet for a marketing company, or keep trying to do it yourself.

…Or you can take the leap of faith and let a team of trained marketing professionals help you achieve the success you truly deserve!