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Trouble finding a qualified Advertising Agency in Kansas City?

Well we are here to help solve that problem! We are an advertising agency located in Kansas City, and we offer more than just advertising. We can help solve many problems and headaches you might be having related to marketing, website design, creative advertising strategies and much more!

In fact, our entire Kansas City Based Advertising Agency is focused on one specific goal: Bringing paying customers through your doors cheaply and quickly! We do this by offering a few very customized marketing services customized to help your business have success online. This page will go into detail showing what we provide and how we can help you!

What is the most Effective Advertising?

We believe for most businesses, internet advertising is by far the most cost-effective method and gives you the best bang for your buck! In fact, this comprehensive article from WordStream goes into detail on exactly HOW much bang for the buck you get. *Spoiler Alert* It’s a lot!

However, what about Print Advertising? Great Question!

Print Advertising is a time-tested and proven method of getting in front of new people. That’s the primary purpose of any advertising, to get in front of new people. (Specifically, people who can and want to buy your service/product.) However, the problem with Print Advertising is its cost and lack of effective targeting. You spend more money, to show your business to less relevant people. The same is true for Radio Advertising and Television Advertising, this combination of higher price and lower targeting makes them ineffective options for the average business owner.

This is why we feel that Internet Advertising is especially useful for the average business owner. You spend less money to reach more people who are interested in what you are selling! Now, for the definition of this article, we are going to define advertising by what exactly it means to us. “Specific Effort, Time and/or Money used in methods that show your business to potential customers through the Internet” That means it includes: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMA (Social Media Advertising), and VM (Video Marketing).


Don’t panic; I know it seems like a lot. However, that is why we are here to help! Our Advertising Agency right here in Kansas City wants to help you become competent with all of these forms of Internet Marketing. We have much content on our website regarding each one of these. However, to save you time searching the internet for exactly what those strategies include, I will give you a brief break down right here.

What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing exactly how your website shows up to search engines. Examples of these search engines are Google.com, Bing.comYahoo.com and even sites like Amazon.com, Youtube.com, and Facebook.com which all have search engine capabilities. The process of SEO involves two definitions. On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. The difference between them is where you do the optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing exactly how your website shows up to search engines. Examples of these search engines are Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com and even sites like Amazon.com, Youtube.com, and Facebook.com which all have search engine capabilities. The process of SEO involves two definitions. On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. The difference between them is where you do the optimization.

On-Site optimization involves writing content that contains Keywords, Proper Heading Tag Structure, Website Load Time, and Content that is relevant and written with both Search Engines and People specifically in mind. (Word of Warning… Don’t write your content for search engines specifically, sites like google want to provide the most relevant content to the users. So if you write content for the users that would be helpful for the users, search engines will rank your website higher because of this.) 

Off-Site optimization involves building citations, back-links, optimizing social media, and NAP consistency across directory websites like yelp.com, YellowPages.com,and acxiom.com. There is more detail on Off-Site optimization than is listed here, so here is an article that goes into it from the great SEO guy’s over at MOZ.com

Why would you want to do SEO?

Because this form of marketing is perhaps the absolute LEAST intrusive of all other forms of marketing. When a user goes to a search engine to look for something, and you show up as the most relevant result, you suddenly are becoming very HELPFUL instead of interruption. Every other form of advertising and marketing interrupts their current thought process and forces the person to switch gears in their brain to understand exactly what you are offering and if they should pay attention to you. A good SEO strategy is critical to your success as a small business and when achieved provides a nearly limitless source of new income and customers.

TL:DR Search Engine Optimization basically gets your website to rank super high on google and be one of the first couple of results. 

What is SEM? – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of advertising on search engines, and relevant websites that already rank high on google. Search Engine Marketing can be quite expensive, or inexpensive depending on exactly how competitive your niche is. Google Keyword Planner has a wonderful tool that helps you to figure out exactly how much it is going to cost you. You will have to signup for an AdWords account to be able to use the Keyword Planner, but you won’t have to spend any money to use this awesome feature. If you are interested in learning exactly how to setup and use the Keyword Planner, please subscribe to our blog since we will be sending an article out soon that will go in depth on exactly how to do this.

What is the Benefit of SEM over SEO?

SEM allows you to have nearly instant, targeted results. It is much more in the spirit of “Advertising.” Essentially you pay to show up for specific search phrases on google. For example, if you search for “Dentist Near Me” on google, you should see a page with results like this.

Advertising Agency Kansas City

That’s actually one of our clients, so take a look at their website if you would like! They’ve seen some great success by implementing an SEM strategy.

The trick to SEM is writing short Ads that are extremely relevant to what the user searching is looking for.

In a recent study put together by our friends over at MOZ.COM Link to the article here. They discovered that over half of adults couldn’t tell the difference between a Google Search Ad, and a regular listing, and more than 70% of teenagers couldn’t tell the difference either. This data is SHOCKING! But, what it means for you is opportunity.

Not to long ago Google Ads simply did not work. Users would skim right over them to get to the more relevant organic content listings below. But now, because of the large growth in users advertising on google, (More ads to scroll past.) plus googles higher level of relevance placed on advertisers. Google Ads are not nearly if not MORE relevant to the users than the organic listings. Which removes the need for people to tell the difference between the two since they are both highly relevant anyways.

You can now relatively inexpensively target users who are actively searching for your product/service on google TODAY. No complicated SEO, Content Creation or Months of waiting for articles to rank.  Just put together a budget of $500 to $1,500 and watch those customers roll in. We truly do live in an exciting time for entrepreneurs and business owners.

TL:DR SEM is super fast, relatively inexpensive compared to traditional advertising and is FAR more effective. 

What is SMM? – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the field of producing images, video, text content and live streaming on social media networks. Basically is the process of trying to get your content to go viral in your local communities. It can be VERY effective when done properly.

One of the major concepts in Marketing Theory is the concept of an impressum. *Which actually stands for Imprint.* Basically you are imprinting your brand on the viewers mind. Facebook is a great place to do this, because you can imprint your business on thousands and thousands of people in your local community.

Social Media Marketing is pretty time intensive, and should be used in tandem with a good SEO and SEM strategy.

Think of it like this, if you have to hire someone to mow your lawn, and you know of two companies. One you’ve seen around a bit, know the name of and seen some of their ads or content VS a company you never saw before that might have one extra star on google review wise, which one will you use? obviously a few of you might say you need to do more research. *Kuddos on being smart shoppers btw!

But the VAST majority of people will pick the company  they know. It’s familiar to them, and familiar means safe.

Social Media Marketing can also cause someone who has absolutely no interest in your product/service to begin thinking about how they need it. It can create customers out of literally thin air. 

There are a LOT of different platforms you need to be using to have a good Social Media Marketing program.

Here are the most important ones in our opinion:Facebook.com, Instagram, Youtube.com, Snapchat.  

These are the big FOUR and you can add twitter in there as well, although it is quickly loosing prominence in the social media marketing scene. Another social media platform which can be very effective and is often overlooked is LinkedIn. It’s a super powerful platform for B2B (Business to Business) marketing and also for hiring quality talent to help you grow your business.

We will be writing articles on exactly what goes into each one of those social media networks, and you could spend years learning different strategies for them. The most important tip we can give you, is just START POSTING. Get in the habit of creating content and posting it to social media at least every 2 days, and every day if you can do it sustainable. Be loud and be consistent on social media.

But please, PLEASE! Don’t use all caps in your posts.IT’S JUST NOT SUPER ATTRACTIVE TO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. See? 

What is SMA? – Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is the paid advertising form of Social Media. Most Social Media Marketing strategies will at least include some element of Social Media Advertising, even if it’s just as simple as boosting some posts. This is specifically because most Social Media Platforms are for the most part “Pay to Play” marketing platforms. Neil Petal (absolutely amazing marketing expert) has a great article on this, Here’s the link to it.

The summery is essentially that social media is free to it’s users, and as the popular quote from Andrew Lewis “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” (link). Social Media is the market place where you can buy these users attention. *For extremely cheaply I might ad!*

No Pun Intended, okay never-mind totally intended. 

Social Media Advertising allows you to pay sometimes as low as a penny to show your business to someone. You couldn’t pay someone to go door to door for a penny a place, but Facebook allows you to do exactly that. Because it takes up to 8 impressum for someone to become acquainted with your business/service enough to be considered a lead. Salesforce.com has a great article on this subject here. Having a solid social media advertising program can churn out new customers for your business by the thousands if wielded effectively.

That’s the key with most of this marketing stuff, wielded effectively. Many people complain about their social media not being effective, or their google ads not generating any customers or their website just sitting there doing nothing! This is because they aren’t using these techniques and strategies effectively, or consistently. You shouldn’t expect something to start working within a day or two of starting on it. Expect a few months down the road to see the results start to come in, and remember the lifetime value of your customers. It’s vital when considering exactly how much you want to invest in marketing your business.

An example of effective use of social media advertising would go like this.

User sees an ad on Facebook with a very interesting offer. Think of headlines like “Download our Brand New Album Free!” or “65% everything in our discount warehouse.” or “Free Teeth Cleanings for brides getting married soon!” Then you can target for example, people recently engaged on Facebook and show them that Ad. A decent percentage of those people will click on the Ad and fill out the lead form at the top of your funnel.

Then they come into your dentistry (following the dentist example.) They receive their first teeth cleaning and you have an opportunity to show them what else they can do to improve their oral health.

Maybe you spent $30 getting them into the dentistry between the ads plus your time to actually preform the procedure, but they could now be worth thousands in other procedures and return cleanings if they really enjoyed your service.

This is how you effectively yield Social Media Advertising.

Video Marketing

Whoa, consider me impressed you made it this far in the article. I really wanted to make sure you had a good idea of what our advertising agency does, and how we can help your business to be known throughout Kansas City and it’s surrounding areas. We’ve got one more thing to show you though, and it’s perhaps the most effective Advertising Strategy of all.

Video Marketing, is a broad term and covers promoting video on social media, through youtube.com, vimeo.com and much more. Essentially, because video is by far the easiest form of content for most people to consume, it’s very cheap to get in front of people.

Every good marketing strategy should involve an element of video marketing in it’s program. It doesn’t even have to be super professional or creative, just get something on your website, social media and get a youtube channel setup.

It helps you rank better on google, shows people a face instead of just a bunch of colors and text on a website and is the easiest way for people to learn about your business.

You can checkout our business Instagram to see some examples of what I’d consider the minimum quality expected for video marketing. www.instagram.com/beknownmarketing

What about hiring our advertising agency?

So have you made a decision if we are the Advertising Agency you want to work with? Because we are located in Kansas City, we would be happy to come by your office or take you out to lunch and see what potential working opportunity there is for our businesses, and answer any questions 1-on-1 you might have. If you aren’t located in Kansas City, if you want to setup a phone or video meeting we would also be more then happy to accommodate that as well. We have clients all over the United States, some of which we’ve never met in person but have developed good relationships with nonetheless.

We are very excited to meet you, and you can get in touch with us via the many contact forms around our website, or by calling our office at 660 924 0852.

Please take a look around the rest of our website, and see if there is anything else you might be interested in that we offer.

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